What is Project OneSided?

Project OneSided is a nonprofit initiative to spread knowledge, combat misinformation and ultimately reinstate one-sided tests in scientific and business disciplines in which there is widespread misapplication of two-sided tests. The initiative aims to achieve its goals through running the website OneSided.org.

Project Goals

  1. Make using one-sided p-values and confidence intervals a standard when directional claims are made (almost always).
  2. Change reporting of p-values and confidence intervals in scientific papers and other analyses so it is clear if they are one or two-sided and what the null hypothesis is.
  3. Change journal policies to make reporting the null hypothesis next to a p-value a requirement and also to recommend using one-sided p-values and confidence intervals when presenting data that supports directional inferences.
  4. Inform a refinement of government agency and industry guidelines and technical manuals so they correctly reflect the role and necessity of one-sided statistical tests.
  5. Help change the way statistical tools communicate the choice between one and two-tailed tests, as well improve the UX flow around that choice.
  6. Reform the way textbooks and encyclopedia articles on statistics and inference convey the differences between one and two-tailed tests of significance and confidence intervals.

Who are we?

Georgi Z. Georgiev Currently the project is run single-handedly by Georgi Z. Georgiev LinkedIn Twitter. He has experience in providing statistical tools for the online analytics and A/B testing (online controlled experiments) community and has also authored industry white papers and dozens of in-depth articles on topics concerning statistical analysis and design of experiments. Mr. Georgiev is also the author of the book "Statistical Methods in Online A/B Testing".

The project's operation and maintenance is made possible through the financial support of Web Focus Ltd., a company solely owned by Mr.Georgiev. It is behind services like Analytics-Toolkit.com, GIGAcalculator.com, and others.